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Artwave MTL presents a retro throwback to futuristic eras… for just one night.

Watch local artists do live painting, take some Polaroids, draw on the art wall or just kick back and enjoy live synthwave performances between waves of lo-fi jazzhop beats.

Maybe just brush up on your Nintendo skills before you show up.


8pm - Bashu
9pm - M. M. Crone
10pm - NAHJI
11pm - May Have

Andy Book
Chris Roy
Jack Kirouack

Maya Brobove
Andrew Ess

$10 at the door.


NOTEZ S'IL VOUS PLAÎT: Malheureusement, le Club Social Le Scaphandre est situé au 3ème étage et n'est accessible que par un long escalier. Si vous avez besoin d’aide ou de soutien pour vous rendre au spectacle veuillez envoyer un message à l’équipe du Scaphandre à

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, The Diving Bell Social Club is located on the 3rd and is only reachable via a long staircase. If you need any assistance or support getting to the show please shoot The Diving Bell team a message at