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Diving Bell Social Movie Club - The American Friend + SHORT - Short Hands


Der Amerikanische Freund
Directed by Wim Wenders
Tom Ripley, who deals in forged art, suggests a picture framer he knows would make a good hit man.

Short Hands
By Felix Tetreault
"Short Hands" is the behind closed doors story of Short, a young boxer that was just knocked out, confronting his morally reprehensible coach. The movie, all taking place in the locker room in the 10 minutes following the fight, explores themes of sacrifice and family dynamics as it is revealed that the coach is in fact Short’s father trying to relieve his glory days through his son. Junior, Short’s father, was also pushed to become a boxer by his own father, thus perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Interactions with his younger self and his mother provoque internal turmoil within the boxer. The toxic environment will push Short to the edge, revealing that the lost on purpose, the only way out of this abusive situation.