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Montreal Mish Mash: Music, Puppets, Comedy

Toronto's Ronley Teper visits Montreal and invites a crew of local Interdisciplinary artists to make up a Cabaret Night. Some of Montreal's finest in magical music, puppets, comedy and projections perform throughout the night, culminating with a final collaboration set of all the artists improvising with Ronley Teper's Montreal Lipliners.

8pm Johnny Alive (stand up comedy)

8:30pm Aaron Dolman's Music for 20 Strings (jazzy)

9:25pm Pom Pom & Moon Puppets (Puppet sketch)

10pm Ronley Teper and The Montreal Lipliners (Toronto Performance Art, Improv, Sketch & Music)Closing the night
w/ Tim Posgate - banjo, electric guitar
local Montreal musicians Dan Goldman - effects & electric guitar, David Ryshpan - keys, Aaron Dolman - drums, members of Dolman's Music for 20 Strings, John Tielli - thermin, Pom Pom & Moon Puppets, projections by Saúl Lederman. More guests tba�

"Teper has been compared to everyone from Kate Bush and Mary Margaret O’Hara to Frank Zappa and Tom Waits. Elements of each appear in her dense repertoire, yet she doesn't fully represent any of them. Musically, her phalanx of backing musicians – land somewhere between Broken Social Scene instrumentals and Eastern European folk. Meanwhile, Teper’s satirical lyrics and performance splits the difference between Fred Penner and the KLF." Now Magazine
Live Performances watch:

Led by Montreal-born drummer-composer Aaron Dolman, the Music for 20 Strings ensemble performs original music inspired by the feelings of nostalgia that are stirred up when sifting through old family photos, driving though the Canadian Prairies or sitting by a lake at midnight. Aaron weaves together his two great musical loves – Folk and Jazz – to create works that playfully oscillate between evocative melodies and improvised soundscapes. In addition to drums, the group - the “20 Strings” - includes Caitlin Smith on Viola, Zacharie Bachand and Marcus Savard-Lowry on electric and acoustic guitars, and Mathieu McConnell on upright bass.

Johnny Alive - It's insulting and completely absurd that Montreal's Johnny Alive (John Tielli) refers to himself as "The Messiah of Comedy". All of his life he suffered from an inability to understand sarcasm. In fact, a recent psychiatric examination confirmed that he suffers from a severe irony deficiency. Not only that, he considers puns a legitimate form of comedy despite insisting otherwise: Quote: "I know, I know puns are lame. For example, I would never make a pun about a dolphin on porpoise". J. Alive

"I saw Johnny Alive perform and he was totally sick...I mean I think he puked afterward...gross."
- David D. Dood

Pom Pom and Moon Puppets, soon possibly maybe will maybe legally change their names to ... da da da daaaaa, they will announce on the big day alongside puppet realities.

Wednesday May 29th, 2019.
$5-$10 with sliding scale for artists and students or anyone that needs the scale at this time.
Sadly not wheelchair accessible.
The Diving Bell Social 3956 St. Laurent Étage 3, Montreal QC.